Go Hairless in Your Bikini

Get a Brazilian bikini wax in Duluth, MN before summer

A lot of women feel uncomfortable putting on a bikini because of stray hairs poking through. Take back the summer and bikini season with a custom Brazilian wax from The Wax Lady. I offer several Brazilian and bikini waxing options to remove the unwanted hair around your bikini line so you feel more confident lounging by the pool.

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Brazilian bikini waxing doesn't have to be stressful

Before your first Brazilian wax, it's normal to feel nervous or have a lot of questions. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Shaving can irritate the skin, so let your hair grow for three to four weeks before your Brazilian bikini waxing appointment
  • A Brazilian wax will remove all pubic hair from the labia area to your bottom
  • Your hair may grow back quickly at first, but routine waxing can help slow hair growth

Many of my first-time clients are concerned about the pain of a Brazilian wax. While there's always a chance of discomfort, I will do whatever I can to minimize the pain. As a trained esthetician in Duluth, MN with years of experience, I have many tricks to limit pinching and pulling.

Please reach out to me if you have any concerns about the Brazilian bikini waxing process.

Put down the razor

Are you tired of shaving your bikini line every time you put on a swimsuit? Consider the benefits of Brazilian and bikini waxing. Unlike shaving, regular waxing can:

  • Help prevent irritation and ingrown hairs.
  • Last up to 6 weeks longer than shaving.
  • Regenerate finer, lighter hairs.
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