Body Wax.

Feel Good With Smooth Skin

Consider underarm or leg waxing services in Duluth, MN

When the weather gets hot, don't hide under long sleeves and pants. Show off your smooth skin without reservation!

Schedule custom body waxing services at The Wax Lady in Duluth, MN. From underarm waxing to full leg waxing, I can remove any unwanted body hair you have. By removing the hair right down to the follicle, you can go weeks without having to shave again.

Reach out to us today to schedule your arm or leg waxing service.

One of the biggest questions we're asked is, "Is underarm waxing right for me?" The answer is, yes! Shaving can cause a lot of irritation under your arms, but waxing can give you the smooth look you're going for.

Even on your back and legs, waxing is a long-term solution for smooth skin. Call now to learn more about our waxing services.